Sparsense, Inc. was launched in 2007 to develop and commercialize a novel signal processing technology that was invented by Zsolt Palotai. The name "Sparsense" is derived from the term "sparse sensing".

The company's founders are Zsolt Palotai, Professor Andras Lorincz who joined the venture as its Chief Technology Officer and the medical technology development company Clinasys, LLC.

Although Sparsense's technology has broad applicability in the processing of digital signals, the company's initial focus is on medical image processing applications. More particularly, before the end of 2008 the company expects to demonstrate magnetic resonance image generation at frame/sec rates and resolutions that can support MR-guided interventions. A second medical imaging application Sparsense currently investigates is the utilization of its proprietary technology to reduce radiation dose in the case of imaging modalities that rely on ionizing radiation, such as CT scan or mammography.

Mantaro is the Exclusive Design Partner for Sparsense technology and provides a full range of product development services to its technology clients. Mantaro's technical staff is composed of highly talented professional engineers with a history of successful product development and innovative design experience. Mantaro serves a variety of industries including Consumer, Government, Industrial, Medical, Telecommunications, Test & Measurement, and Transportation. Mantaro's services include the following: turnkey product development, digital design, analog design, RF design, embedded software design, DSP design, green design, power supply design, RFI / EMI Consulting, FPGA design and System Development services.


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